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HP Corse Has A Shiny New Exhaust Pipe For The Moto Morini X-Cape

Moto Morini is considered by many as a boutique motorcycle manufacturer known for its eccentric yet stylish two-wheelers. When it launched the X-Cape, however, it proved that it was indeed capable of executing a fine example following a tried and tested formula. Although not attaining the same level of popularity as its mainstream contemporaries, there’s no denying that the X-Cape 650 can hold its own in the middleweight enduro-ADV segment. 

HP Corse Has A Shiny New Exhaust Pipe For The Moto Morini X-Cape

The growing aftermarket support for this model is a testament to its popularity, as aftermarket manufacturers wouldn’t waste their time and resources in developing stuff for bikes if the bikes don’t sell in the first place. As such, it’s nice to see a mainstream exhaust manufacturer such as HP Corse releasing a new exhaust system for the X-Cape. It’s called the SP-1 Short, an it’s a sporty exhaust pipe constructed entirely out of titanium. More specifically, it features a 0.8 mm-thick titanium casing atop a 300mm oval-shaped silencer. It comes with molded oval bottoms for a sleek, almost rally-esque look, and a removable dB killer. 

HP Corse claims that the exhaust pipe makes use of high quality sound absorbing material which produces an exhilarating exhaust note. Furthermore, the silencer gets a stainless steel heat shield, leak-proof rivets, and an HP Corse logo laser-etched onto the side. According to HP Corse, the SP-1 Short was inspired by the legendary African rallies, and embodies the tenacity and fortitude of these extreme off-road motorsports while reiterating its status as a reliable travel partner for the X-Cape. It tips the scales at 1,600 grams, sans the dB killer, and is approved for Euro 5 homologation, provided that you use the bike’s stock manifold. 

Speaking of which, HP Corse offers racing de-cat header pipes for the X-Cape, specifically for those looking to make their ADV bike a full-fledged enduro. This inevitably negates the Euro 5 homologation. In exchange however, HP Corse promises uncompromising power and enjoyment. As for the SP-1 Short silencer, HP Corse is offering it in two finishes: titanium and black ceramic coated. The SP-1 Short silencer retails for 597 Euros, which makes out to around $611 USD, while the decat pipe goes for 183 Euros, or roughly $187 USD. 

HP Corse Has A Shiny New Exhaust Pipe For The Moto Morini X-Cape

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