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Choosing the right tyre size when upsizing on 4th-gen Honda City – Ask Autocar Anything

Upsizing the tyres will help improve both handling and ride comfort of your car.

Published On Aug 08, 2022 02:49:00 PM

Honda City 4th-gen front quarter

I want to upsize the tyres of my Honda City and have a few options lined up – 175/65-R15, 185/65-R15 and 185/60-R15. Which one would suit the car better? Also, will I face any suspension problems if I upgrade?

Syed Ismail, Bengaluru

Autocar India says: You can definitely opt for the 185/60-R15s for your Honda City from the original 175/65-R15s. This would improve the handling and ride comfort as well. If you have alloy wheels, you can also consider the 195/60-R15s, especially if you do a lot of highway running.

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