Free Video Downloader Bonneville Speed Week 2022: Our First Photos From The Salt!

Bonneville Speed Week 2022: Our First Photos From The Salt!

Bonneville Speed Week 2022: Our First Photos From The Salt!

(Photos by Wes Allison) It’s Bonneville Speed Week baby! This is a magical time of year. And since I have been the first car down the long course at Bonneville, just after sunrise on a particularly beautiful Sunday morning, I can tell you that there is no place like it and that’s a good thing. Bonneville is a party, a race, a history lesson, a family reunion, and so much more. It pains me to say that I am not going to be on the salt this year, but with everything going on we thought it smart to just send one guy and keep things simple. You know, like all the years I covered Bonneville all by myself for a week. Only with a better photographer, because Wes Allison is a badass. And we can’t wait to see everything he captures from the SCTA/BNI Speed Week at Bonneville!

We already posted a gallery from the Nugget Car Show kickoff party and we’ll have more and more galleries coming throughout the week. We will likely be running more than one gallery per day for the first few days at least, just like you have come to expect from us. We’ll have on track, in the pits, and car show photos from the entire event.

This year Bonneville’s salt conditions are going to be the talk of the town, with only two courses set up rather than the three or four that have become the norm in recent years. To make matters even more interesting there has been big rain that started Friday night and went through Saturday and that means the start of racing has been delayed. We still have photos from Friday both at the Nugget show and on the salt, so check out the first gallery below and use the link to see our other galleries as well.

As we say, this is our first gallery of photos from the salt and we’ll have tons of them coming throughout the week as Wes shoots everything he can point a camera at.


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