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Chris Harris’ thoughts on selling his F87 M2 CS after G87 M2 announced

We’ll see what the new gen will bring. I was at a BMW dealer recently and they already said if I were interested in the new M2. Well, first I need to see it. Second, I need to see how it’ll drive. If it will be a heavy lump, then no thanks. I have no need for such car, as primary use for my CS is track driving. Also, there are P cars that are of more interest then the new M2. Especially, if it will become a heavy piece of kit.

I do not fall into any of the Harris’s categories. I bought the car because I was looking at a track toy. Gt4 was considered, a 911 C2S too, an M2C etc. And as I saw that a CS is still available locally, I pulled the trigger – single objective – to enjoy the car and drive it on the track.

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