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Over 1,000 Flights Canceled as Thunderstorms Hit the East Coast

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Image: Jennah Moon (Getty Images)

If you’re flying out of the East Coast this weekend, I have some bad news for you: USA Today reports that over 1,000 flights have been canceled up and down the East Coast due to thunderstorms.

Around noon eastern time, flight tracking site FlightAware released data showing over 1,000 flights canceled due to weather. A further 2,500 have been delayed because of the storms, and the FAA is predicting even more flight interruptions as thunderstorms stretching from the New York City area down to Florida could cause even more delays. So far, 1,144 flights have been canceled as of this posting.

American Airlines tops the list of domestic airlines with the most cancelations, sitting at 219 canceled flights and 467 delayed. Southwest is not far behind with 143 cancelations and a whopping 1,101 delays.

The summer travel season has sucked as the airline industry faces problems from all sides. From flight cancellations, rising prices, unruly passengers, and staffing issues, it’s probably easier to take a Greyhound bus if you’re traveling domestically. 

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