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Horner reveals AlphaTauri part was to blame for Verstappen problems

Max Verstappen originally thought that his car was damaged from debris falling from Carlos Sainz’ Ferrari – but Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has revealed that it was actually a piece of endplate from one of the AlphaTauri cars.

Early in the race, the two AlphaTauris came together with the duo spinning in unison before continuing.

As a result, a piece of endplate was dislodged from their car and ended up wedged in the floor of Verstappen’s Red Bull from lap 11 until the end of the race.

A piece of AlphaTauri was to blame for damaged floor

“It felt like a puncture [to Verstappen] because on lap 11 he hit a piece of debris which was an AlphaTauri part from the incident that they had together,” Horner told the press including

“He’s then had to do the entire race with a modified floor, complete with a piece of AlphaTauri endplate stuck under the bottom of the car. It stayed in that spot until the end. It wedged itself there, almost like a blockage.

“So a fairly heavily modified floor for the rest of the race for him as he lost an enormous amount of downforce.”

Verstappen eventually crossed the line in seventh place overall, collecting very valuable points for the championship.

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