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Hamilton warns booing British fans: You shouldn’t do that

Lewis Hamilton has voiced his disapproval of the booing that was directed to Max Verstappen by sections of the British GP crowd during qualifying.

Following a tricky qualifying session en route to second place, Verstappen was jeered by sections of the Silverstone crowd during the post-qualifying interviews.

The crowd were also heard to be cheering when the Red Bull driver spun during one of his earlier laps in Q3.

Verstappen later said the booing didn’t phase him, but added that he would hope the Dutch fans wouldn’t boo Hamilton at the upcoming race in Zandvoort.

He also believed that the reaction from the British press would be greater if Hamilton had been the recipient of jeering and booing at other events.

When asked about the crowd’s reaction to Verstappen, Hamilton was quick to condemn the frosty reception.

“I think we’re better than that. We don’t need to do booing,” Hamilton told media, including

“We’ve got such great fans and, our sporting fans, they feel emotions up and down, but I definitely don’t agree with the booing. I don’t think we need to do that.”

Hamilton suggests F1 2021 finale may be reason for crowd boos

The Mercedes driver was bemused by the jeering tactics of the British GP crowd, believing that booing after an error had happened would be unlikely to affect a driver.

“We should be here pushing [encouraging] everybody,” continued Hamilton.

“It doesn’t make any difference when you boo someone because they’ve already made the mistake or whatever it is.”

Hamilton then offered some sympathy to the supporters and added that their reaction may have been an aftereffect of last season’s intense championship battle, where Hamilton lost out to Verstappen in Abu Dhabi following a contentious decision on safety car procedure.

“I really do appreciate the support that I have here and maybe some of them are still feeling the pain from last year still,” added Hamilton.

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