Free Video Downloader Casey’s Customs 1965 Mustang Chassis Swap: New Sheet Metal Going On, Reinforcements, And More!

In this video, Casey gets the front apron, bumper, and cowl section to go on and look like they belong. Given the drastic difference in some dimensions on this car that is more difficult than you might think. Check it out.

In this installment of the 1965 Mustang chassis swap, and the front sheet metal is looking like a Mustang. Of course, this was more difficult because the old and the new don’t exactly line up.

Casey is back at it again! He’s got an ultra-cheap 1965 Mustang from some dude that thought it was beyond repair. Sure it’s rough, but once you cut all the crap out of it you find that what is left will totally work if you chassis swap it and that’s exactly what Casey is going to do right here. But to do that you first have to cut some stuff up.

Video Description:

In this video i get the 1965 mustangs rear bumper put on, also the rear apron and weld reinforcements on the modern chassis. It’s really starting to look like a car again! Part 7!

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