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It’s A Wonderful Place: Bikernet Weekly News for June 30, 2022 — Bikernet Blog

Buck Lovell shot the Pandemic for a Cycle Source feature this week

American Freedom is Working


This could be a magnificent day in the hood, as you will see in the news.

I wrote a story for Micah’s feature in Choppers Magazine. Magazines are heating up again. My grandson, Frankie and the lovely Em set up the FiveBall booth at Born Free. The place was jammed and hot, but the 5-Ball banners flew high.

We will bring you the ultimate 4-speed trans clutch tech. It is working like a champ. Well, sorta. Then we bring you our first VL XA FL build tech with Irish Rich of Shamrocks Customs at the helm.

Have a terrific 4th, stay safe, don’t burn the house down. We will be riding free forever.


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