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Vent Introduces Updates To Its Derapage And Baja 125 4T Models

Vent announces the release of new models in an effort to appeal to a larger audience, especially those wishing to begin their two-wheeled careers on a dual-sport or supermoto style motorcycle. The introduction of the revised Derapage and Baja 125 4T models serves to fill exactly that purpose.

The bikes, which are proudly produced in Valsassina, are designed to impress due to their precise proportions and technical features. Because of this, they may be used by both novice and experienced riders searching for lightweight, all-terrain enduro and supermoto bikes. The Vent 125 4-stroke engines have outstanding performance, dependability, and are highly user-friendly, allowing B license holders to use them.

Vent Introduces Updates To Its Derapage And Baja 125 4T Models

Vent Introduces Updates To Its Derapage And Baja 125 4T Models

There are variants of the new Vent Derapage and Baja available with either steel or aluminum frames. Only the most expensive RR variants can be found with the fancy aluminum frames. For the 2022 model year, both motorcycles have new liveries with updated graphics. This is where the model range upgrades begin. However, the changes go beyond a simple aesthetic update. The newest generation of variable valve timing is included in the new Minarelli 125cc, four-stroke engine, which improves the engine’s ability to generate power and torque across the rpm range. Plus, the revised engine is Euro 5-approved.

The updated engine has a redesigned head that produces optimal combustion, resulting in a broader overall distribution of power, reduced fuel consumption, and lower overall emissions. Additionally, the electronic injection system, variable valve actuation, and slipper clutch mechanism have improved acceleration, which is a good thing, too.

The motorcycles’ frame has also undergone changes. A 30-millimeter length increase in the revised frame over the outgoing model enables a more stable ride at high speeds. The new 6.0 perimeter frame features a new design that ensures more stability and exceptional comfort, even when used with a passenger. It is available, as already said, in steel and aluminum variants.

Vent Introduces Updates To Its Derapage And Baja 125 4T Models

Vent Introduces Updates To Its Derapage And Baja 125 4T Models

The same suspension components from Vent, including a 41mm RSV16 inverted front fork and a preload-adjustable rear monoshock, are still provided for the Derapage and Baja. Additionally, the suspension system has been adjusted to fit the newly revised frame. Both motorcycles have 220 mm discs at the back and 320 mm discs up front for braking.

As for pricing and availability, Vent’s Derapage and Baja are offered in two graphic options with either a white or black base. Retail pricing for the Vent Derapage and Baja 125 4T are 5,090 euros for the regular models with steel frames and 5,790 euros for the RR variants, which stand out due to their high-quality, lightweight aluminum frames.

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