Suzuki launches new scooter for a more comfortable shopping experience

Suzuki Japan recently released a new scooter with a unique design, with compact dimensions called the Let’s Basket.

Suzuki Let's Basket

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Suzuki has launched a new motorcycle that makes it easier for people to shop at the market and carry a lot of goods. The manufacturer recently launched a new automatic motorcycle, which seems to be suitable for transporting goods.

The new scooter type of motorcycle officially introduced by the brand is the Suzuki Let’s Basket.

The appearance is quite unique and suitable for bikers who are looking for a different motorcycle from others.

On the front, the Suzuki Let’s Basket is fitted with a large basket that is located just above the headlamp.

This automatic motorcycle is marketed in Japan, targeting urban users, especially women.

The large basket clearly facilitates activities such as shopping at the market or just walking in the city.

Well, to protect the luggage, at the top there is a kind of role model cover that can be opened.

The Let’s Basket carries compact dimensions, its shape itself looks simple and round typical of retro flow scooters.

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