Timing Belt

A timing belt is a component that only some vehicles have. If your
vehicle does have a timing belt and it is not replaced at the correct
time, it can cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs. Some
of the most common questions that we receive from our clients about
timing belts are:  

1. Does my vehicle have a timing belt?
2. If so, when do I need to replace a timing belt?
3. How much does a timing belt replacement cost?

question “does my vehicle have a timing belt?” is straight forward. The
owner’s manual of your vehicle should tell you if the vehicle has a
timing belt. You can also ask your automotive repair shop to look up if
the vehicle has a timing belt. Some manufacturers that utilize timing
belts include Honda, Subaru, Audi, Kia, and Hyundai to name a few. It is
important to do your research so you know if your vehicle has a timing
belt and, if so, when it should be replaced.

Not only should
your owner’s manual tell you if your vehicle has a timing belt, it
should also provide a recommended mileage and/or timeframe for replacing
your timing belt. You can also ask your trusted auto repair shop to
check your timing belt and see if it needs replacement. Generally, the
range to replace a timing belt is anywhere from 60,000 miles upwards to
105,000 miles depending on the vehicle.

The other factor to
mileage is age of the vehicle. For example, many people only drive their
vehicles 5,000 miles per year. If the timing belt is due at 105,000
miles, that would be 21 years. The rubber on the belt is not rated for
21 years, so it may break long before getting to the mileage
recommendation. We recommend replacing them every 6-10 years based on
climate and driving conditions.

So, how much does a timing belt
cost? This is the trickiest question to answer and, like most automotive
questions, the answer is “it depends”. If you are prepared by your
automotive repair shop in advance that you have a timing belt due soon,
you can budget to perform the service the best way possible. Carz R’ Us
informs their clientele when timing belt service is due 10,000 miles
beforehand so clients will have time to budget for their vehicle’s

The overall repair cost is important, but if corners are
cut to make the job cheaper it can really damage your vehicle in the
long run. For example, the vehicle’s water pump should be replaced at
the same time as the timing belt if the water pump is timing belt
driven. Failure to install a new water pump in this scenario often
causes the water pump to leak. The couple hundred-dollar initial savings
will cause the job to be performed again. A typical timing belt
replacement includes the following:

  • Timing belt
  • Water pump
  • Pulley’s
  • Tensioner
  • Hydraulic tensioner
  • Any seals located behind the timing cover
  • New timing cover gasket
  • Exterior belts

cost of this job can vary drastically. Most reputable automotive repair
shops will only provide pricing when the vehicle is at their shop to
ensure pricing is as accurate as possible. We have seen timing belt jobs
range from around $600 to $2,000, depending on the make and model of
the vehicle as well as components necessary to complete the job
properly. If you are wanting to know more information about your
vehicle’s timing belt or feel like you may need your timing belt
serviced, give us a call at 815-877-4277
and we will be happy to help
you out!

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