Race for the Planet Season 1 set for early summer release

Regardless of one’s opinion on Drive to Survive, there is no denying the impact it has had on Formula One‘s growth. With so many motorsport championships having documentary series in the works like NASCAR and IndyCarExtreme E is doing the same with Race for the Planet. Produced by NEO Studios, the five-part series will begin streaming on Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom and Ireland in early summer.

“We are absolutely thrilled to announce our new documentary Race for the Planet, highlighting the untold stories behind the scenes of Extreme E on and off the track, taking audiences along with us as we race in the most remote locations of the planet,” said Extreme E Chief Marketing Officer Ali Russell“We have captured what it is like to race and breathe Extreme E. We break down the barriers, bring authenticity to displaying the ups and down of motorsport, the challenges and essentially, how gladiatorial Extreme E is. Listening into the intimate thoughts of some of the best drivers in motorsport makes this documentary even more exciting and entertaining.

“Working with Prime Video was the perfect way to release this original documentary to showcase Extreme E as pioneers and a sport for purpose Championship. Not only will Race for the Planet bring our fans and viewers into the heart of our racing and legacy projects, but this documentary will also attract a new audience to Extreme E.”

Each episode follows a round of the 2021 season. For example, the first episode “Bite the Dust” details the inaugural XE race, the Desert X Prix in Saudi Arabia, while the fifth and final chapter “Old Rivalries” focuses on the season-ending Jurassic X Prix. In between are “Roots” (Ocean X Prix), “Thin Ice” (Arctic), and “Fired Up” (Island). Non-racing segments are led by interviews with various drivers: Kyle LeDucCatie MunningsLaia Sanz, and the Hansen brothers Kevin and Timmy. The show also discusses legacy programmes that the series has undertaken to raise environmental awareness.
A theatrical premiere took place in late April.

“The idea of Extreme E is so bold and exciting, and what we have is really the ultimate account of the competition’s first campaign,” added executive producer Anouk Mertens“The series not only documents an incredible season of racing in some of the most extreme conditions imaginable, but also shines the light on some remarkable human stories. We are excited to be partnering with Prime Video to get the show to audiences later this year.”

As the emphasis on “Season 1” implies, another installment of Race for the Planet is being filmed for the 2022 campaign.

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