RaceFans Round-up: Strategy, not luck, earned Williams’ points finishes

In the round-up: Alex Albon says Williams’ opportunities to score points are down to the team’s strategy and not to luck.

In brief

Williams strategy “putting us in situations where we’re looking at points”

After scoring a ninth-place finish in the Miami Grand Prix, thanks partly to Fernando Alonso’s penalty, Albon said his points-scoring finishes

“I don’t even call it luck” that was producing Williams’ good results.

“I think we were, again, optimistic on strategy and stayed out when everyone else pitted,” Albon explained. “We took our chances like we always keep doing and that’s just putting us in situations where we’re looking at points.”

IndyCar introduces electronic flag panels

IndyCar will now use electronic flag panels, as in F1

IndyCar will use new light panels, from the same supplier as Formula 1, Moto GP and WEC, to improve marshal safety and the speed of signal responses.

From the race on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course onwards, the panels will be used at IndyCar events after testing with supplier EM Motorsport during the first events of the season proved successful.

“Clearly less overtaking” than expected in Miami – Gasly

Pierre Gasly felt the Miami Grand Prix didn’t deliver as much overtaking as was expected before the race weekend began.

The AlphaTauri was passed by Lewis Hamilton early in the race. “The battle with Lewis was quite short,” said Gasly. “Then after that, Fernando was stuck behind me for quite a few laps.

“So think it was quite, quite tough to pass. Looking at other guys as well, I think there was clearly less overtaking than what I would have thought.”

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