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When Do I Need to Replace My Tires

Thirty years ago, it was common practice to check your vehicles’ fluids and tires often. Today’s vehicles are built better, and the parts last a lot longer. This also can cause problems because the vehicles are not brought to the repair shop as often. So how do we know when our tires need to be replaced? A monthly inspection of your tires is a great idea. Things you should look for are:

Dry rotting, cracks or separation

Age of the tire (see video for location of this on the tire)

If your tires have dry
rotting or cracks they are more prone to blow outs. The tires should
be replaced if the cracks are large and the tires are starting to
separate. If the tires are more than five years they should be
replaced. When measuring the treat depth if the tire 4/32” or less
the tires should be replaced. If going into winter you may want to be
more proactive and replace the tires at 5/32”.

Alignment issues also
affect tire wear. If the inside or outside edge of the tires are worn
have an alignment performed on the vehicle. This will help prevent
further wear. Check tire pressure at least monthly, especially when
the weather changes. Make sure to put the air pressure at whatever
the drivers side door tag shows.

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