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Veoneer names the date – Just Auto

Closing of the merger agreement among Veoneer, SSW Holdco, SSW Merger Sub Corp, and Qualcommwill take be on 1 April, 2022.

Upon the closing of the merger, new owners, SSW, plan to appoint Jacob Svanberg, currently SVP Lidar product area and corporate development, as Veoneer’s new CEO.

Jan Carlson, chairman, president & CEO since inception in 2018, will quit operational and board roles and be appointed advisor to the board and CEO.

The last stock trading day on NYSE and SDRs on Nasdaq Stockholm will be 31 March and the delisting of the SDRs is expected on 4 April.

Holders of Veoneer stock will receive the full US$37 per share, and the holders of Veoneer SDRs will be entitled to the corresponding amount in SEK.

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