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Schumacher “a lot more comfortable” with experienced Magnussen as team mate · RaceFans

In the round-up: Mick Schumacher says he is “a lot more comfortable” having an experienced team mate in Kevin Magnussen

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Schumacher “a lot more comfortable” with Magnussen as team mate

Schumacher raced alongside fellow rookie Nikita Mazepin last year. Mazepin was replaced by Magnussen before the second pre-season test.

Asked by RaceFans if he felt a different dynamic with an experienced team mate compared to a fellow rookie, Schumacher replied: “Yeah, definitely.”

“I do have to say I feel a lot more comfortable in this year’s construction of how it is, in terms of how we have the working relationship, I think is pretty great,” he added.

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Room for Mercedes customers to improve – Krack

Despite Mercedes engine customers filling the back two rows of the grid in Bahrain, Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack does not believe their shortcomings are entirely engine related.

“This is an observation that we had already quite early,” said Krack “On the other hand, we see the Mercedes factory team finish third and fourth. So still, with the powertrain, you can do a good job and I think it’s for us first to do a proper car or a quicker car before we go too much into what you are observing.

“I think the competition has made maybe a bigger step forward and that’s something we need to catch up on.”

Meeting Susie Wolff inspired my racing career – Saudi racer Juffali

Saudi Arabian racing driver Reema Juffali said she was inspired to seek her racing license after meeting Susie Wolff.

Juffali, who has raced in British F4 and last season’s GB3 championship as well as the Dubai 24 Hours, said Wolff, CEO of the Venturi Formula E team and the last woman to participate in a Formula 1 race weekend, inspired her to pursue her dreams of racing.

“I was introduced to Susie Wolff, and at that point I had done my research and knew what it would take to go racing,” said Juffali. “I’m like, ‘you know what, actually, I want to get my racing license, I want to go racing’. And that was it.

“Obviously, 2018 was the year women were allowed to drive [in Saudi Arabia], so it was a big story of women in cars let alone racing. I got my racing license, signed up to race in Abu Dhabi and got in a car with a pure goal of getting behind the wheel, finishing the race, fulfilling this dream of being a racing driver.”

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Happy birthday to Guilherme Teixeira, Marc, Thomas Lindgren and Thomas Lindgren!

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