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How Do You Know When to Change Your Wiper Blades?

Imagine the last storm you had to drive through. Imagine that storm with wiper blades that are streaking up the windshield. This can create a major safety issue and make it near impossible to drive. It seems like the only time we notice we need to replace our wipers is in the middle of a storm like this.

How do we avoid this? If you notice any of the following symptoms replace your wipers:

  • The wiper hoping on the windshield
  • The wiper blade starting to fray
  • The wiper blade starting to streak

Check your wipers at least once a month. Clean the windshield and see if they have any of the above issues. If they do, replace before you are in a storm.

The other question is how often I should replace my wipers. The answer is it depends on weather, how much you use them and the type of blades.

  • Standard wiper blades typically last 3-6 months
  • Beam wiper blades typically last 6-12 months
  • Cost of beam vs. standard blades is about double the price

If you have any questions or need to know when to change your wiper blades near me, call us at 815-877-4277, text us at 815-240-2515, or stop in to Carz R Us at 10208 Smythe Ave, Machesney Park, IL 61115.

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