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DON’T BE A POSER | BE A MAN OR YOU WON’T MAKE IT – Insane Throttle Biker News

Lot’s of drama lately- Actually it’s that drama that helped me come up with the title. Don’t Be A Poser | BE A MAN. The biker and motorcycle club scene is not the place for the timid and weakminded. If you’re going to be in a world that is dominated by alphas you’re going to have to stand up as one.

If you’re looking to join a motorcycle club that’s going to be the first thing you better make sure you are. If you don’t you will be eaten alive by many people within this scene.

00:00 Don’t be a poser
02:02 Learn what old school means and actually is
05:22 There is nothing wrong if you don’t have the experience
07:09 Hang out a couple years
09:28 Us older guys just laugh at you
12:17 What people say can effect you on the street
14:11 Internet isn’t the place to learn this
16:07 Do your own research


Signed Copy of Brotherhood & Betrayal by James Hollywood Macecari

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There is nothing poetic, nor is there any price worth paying for the life we choose to live on the streets. I’ve finally learned that lesson, but far too late. The pain that I’ve caused to my family and friends is unfathomable. It’s not until you become older and start to reflect on your life choices, that you realize how dreadful you have made life for those around you.

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