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Will Metzeler’s new Karoo 4 balance off-road traction w…

METZELER have announced their new Karoo 4 tyre, a knobby aimed at maxi enduro and adventure bikes and riders that will replace the previous Karoo 3 from this month.

The tyre is designed to work in conjunction with the advanced electronics that can be found on maxi enduros and adventurers, and to give good performance both on- and off-road. Metzeler say the Karoo 4 is “ideal” for “riders who use their motorcycles for journeys 50% on-road and 50% off-road,” and who “want to test their skills and their bike’s capabilities.”

The Karoo 4 is claimed by Metzeler to offer good off-road traction while their MRC technology allows the tyre to hold lines well on-road despite the knobbies. 

It will feature a “revolutionary patented tread design,” according to Metzeler, designed to optimise performance both on- and off-road and maintain safety in wet conditions.

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