Introducing a luxury and sports car at the same time with so many features.
It seemed the German automaker was at the mercy of luxury buyers and would follow trends wherever they may lead.
This very amazing German car makes you feel like you got what you ever wanted.
The car is even less consumable than the other x badges crossovers.
The engine called N55 with a turbo-charged, 405 horsepower power, and you can get more to 450 horsepower and six cylinders straight.
It accelerates from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds with the automatic gearbox.
The car will give you adrenaline-like pure ecstasy, a feeling of power, and class at the same time.
When you put the car on the sport mode and take a circuit for drifting you will enjoy the stability and how it’s a slide on the road. This M2 is quite amazing, and so many sport car testers love it.
It’s a very carefully tuned car with a rear-wheel driving system and the flared bodywork you will have the enthusiasm for driving it, and they call her the most entertaining car.
This BMW may not be the strongest offer of the brand, but it makes the competition rate so high on sports cars, so, you will have many opinions about many cars.
The M2 Competition is the ultimate driving machine, you will admire the acceleration speed, you will love the drifting even more and you will the sound of the exhaust line.
The power is coming from the engine is very satisfying and the torque is really great and also the Launch Control system, so, it will be a very good experience driving the amazing sports car.
There will be an m2 competition CS version with only 2200 pieces worldwide with a twin-turbo engine and 445 horsepower.