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No Dealer Add-Ons at Chastang Ford – Chastang Ford Blog

No Hidden Add On New Ford Vehicles

At Chastang Ford we are committed to building long-term relationships with our employees, customers, and community. As such we do right by our customers who trust us for our unparalleled service and extensive knowledge of our products. And one of the ways we do that is by not playing games with our prices. Which is why there are no Dealer Add-Ons or hidden fees at our Ford dealership in Houston, TX.

What’s a Dealer Add-On?

Dealer Add-Ons are products that other dealerships put on the vehicles without asking customers if they want that product and charge you for it. Add-Ons at OTHER (Ford) dealerships can add up to $900 – $2500 or more on top of the MSRP or price of the vehicle you saw online!

Typically you won’t spot these add-ons and extra costs until you look at the dealer addendum sticker on a vehicle’s window. Which is when you’ll notice that the price listed on the website is vastly different than what is actually displayed on the car.

What Are Some Examples of Add-Ons?

Add-ons, which are above and beyond the standard trim level features, can include nitrogen in the tires, pinstriping, sunroofs, fabric protection, special treatments like undercoating, extra packages, etc. While some of these may be appealing, they are not optional. Nor can you pick and choose. Meaning you may get stuck with a higher cost and things you don’t need or care to have.

Beware of Dealer Add-On Scams

Not only do these add-ons carry a hefty markup in the dealer’s favor, but they also may not even be true. Some OTHER dealerships don’t even deliver what’s been promised on the addendum sticker. To avoid this scam, always be sure to inspect and cross reference the MSRP with the online inventory price and the addendum sticker to see where a price discrepancy might be coming from. OR shop at a dealership like Chastang Ford, where we don’t have dealer add-ons.

How Does Pricing Work at Chastang Ford?

When you find a good price, that should be the price you pay. And at Chastang Ford, it is. The price you see on our new Ford inventory at will always be the same price you see in person at the dealership and on our vehicles’ window stickers.

We are always transparent about the cost of the vehicle and discuss with you in advance about any upgrades or add-ons you may wish to include.

To learn more, contact us at Chastang Ford today. We look forward to serving you!

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