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Jeep Teases A Military-Inspired Rubicon 4xe Model Ahead Of Easter Safari

Jeep has released its latest teaser to get us excited for the annual off-roading event at its home away from home, Moab, Utah. The latest concept for the Easter Jeep Safari is a hybrid Rubicon model inspired by the brand’s military history.

“The Jeep brand loves a good trip down memory lane, especially during Easter Jeep Safari,” writes the brand in a release. “This year, the Jeep design team is hard at work on an off-roader that pays homage to a Jeep vehicle of the past. Hint, it blends military grit and determination with 4xe electric vehicle technology.”

It’s hard to know for sure if this will be a Wrangler or a Gladiator but, either way, the olive-green hue of the teaser image, the steel wheels, and the lettering along the hood all combine to give this vehicle a militaristic look. That is, after all, where the history of the off-roading brand begins, so this truck will combine new and old.

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This isn’t the only hybrid concept the automaker is bringing to the Easter Jeep Safari. It previously teased a Grand Cherokee 4xe model with wide wheel arches and blue details. It has also given us previews of two other Rubicon models, one celebrating the nameplate’s 20th anniversary and the other a Gladiator designed to be more capable off-road.

Finally, the brand previewed another mysterious Gladiator, details of which are even more limited than for the rest of these models. We’ll find out exactly how Jeep prepared all of these concepts at the Easter Jeep Safari, which runs from April 9-17 this year.

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