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Expectations vs. Reality: Auto Repair Diagnostics

Reality: Needing Extra Repairs Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Trust Your Mechanic

Many car repairs deal with complex systems where a number of factors may be impacting your car’s operation. If one repair doesn’t fix it, your technician will be able to run more diagnostics to find other potential solutions to repair your vehicle and get you safely back on the road as quickly as possible.

If you often feel pressure to take care of every recommended auto repair after a technician runs vehicle diagnostics, we’re here to change your thinking. During any inspection, your technician will look at every key system in your car, not just the one that’s most relevant to a problem you’re experiencing. That means you may get a long list of repairs or maintenance items.

Reality: Your Technician Should Help You Prioritize Auto Repair Services

While certain car repairs will be strongly recommended or even necessary to get your car back on the road safely, there will always be varying degrees of importance to any list of recommended repairs or maintenance on any particular vehicle. When you get a call from your technician after running initial diagnostics, you should be able to discuss prioritizing recommended car repairs. This allows you to skip repairs that are less important or that you may be able to do yourself at home to save money.

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