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Clean Up Your Bike’s Look With Kellerman’s Jetstream Combination Light

Your bike’s lights can go a long way in transforming its aesthetic, be it for better or for worse. For example, a lot of budget-focused motorcycles are equipped with cheap, plasticky turn signals which, apart from being bulbous and ugly, flap around every time you hit a bump. This can really give your bike a cheap, bottom-dollar aesthetic. That’s why it isn’t really surprising that LED turn signals are such a popular upgrade.

Custom bike builders who really want to clean up the aesthetics of their bikes, especially from behind, usually run a tail-tidy, as well as redesign the lighting. Integrated tail lights and combination lights are popular solutions that can really clean up the rear end of your bike. One of the most popular combination lights, especially among retro enthusiasts, is the Atto from German manufacturer Kellerman. The setup allows you to do away with your taillight, and has the super tiny Atto indicator serving as your taillight, brake light, and turn signals, all in a tiny, discreet package.

Sportbike and naked bike riders who want to go for a similar aesthetic now have a new option from Kellerman. It’s called the Jetstream, and it’s perfect for today’s crop of high performance street-oriented naked and sportbikes. Just like the Atto, the Jetstream is a combination light. However, it takes the form of a sharp and sleek winglet. It’s made out of a narrow aluminum housing that’s just 98 millimeters long, and takes the shape of a wing. Inside it are 16 LED lights which form the running light.

You have the option of purchasing the Kellerman Jetstream as just turn signals, meaning you’ll still have to run your stock taillight. Meanwhile, it’s also available as a three-in-one combination light. The setup is compatible with all 12-volt vehicle electrical systems, too, meaning it’s pretty much a universal application, provided you do some wire splicing and dicing here and there. It makes use of an M8x20 millimeter threaded attachment, so you may or may not need to souce adaptor plates for your specific make and model.

As for pricing, just like the Atto, the Jetstream isn’t cheap. If you want them as just indicators, they’re available for 149.95 Euros, or the equivalent of $170 USD. Opting for the three-in-one combination setup will set you back a bit more dough at 159.95 Euros, which translates to around $181 USD. Do note that prices and availability may vary depending on where in the world you’re located.

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