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3D lap analysis of 2022 Bahrain pole (Charles Leclerc) vs 2021 pole (Max Verstappen)

Ever since Formula 1’s new rules and regulations were confirmed back in 2019, there has been an obsession with how fast the new breed of cars would be compared with the previous generation that raced from 2017 to 2021.

In Bahrain we got our first real comparison at the end of qualifying. Low fuel, fresh tyres, 100% performance unleashed. And it told us some very interesting things about both the new and old cars.

So with the help of a 3D animation from Crashalong, let’s analyse Scuderia Ferrari Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc’s 2022 pole position lap versus Max Verstappen’s pole lap from 2021. And when we’re done, we’ll explain the reasons for these differences in more detail – and what to expect for the rest of the Formula 1 season.

— see video above —

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