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2023 Honda HR-V teased, to be revealed on April 4

The next-gen 2023 Honda HR-V will be revealed on April 4. That’s less than two weeks away, and to get ready for the reveal, we have a small teaser photo as a preview.

The single photo shows the HR-V taillight design, and it also tells us that the little crossover will feature LED taillights. It’s finished in a dark gray paint and has the HR-V logo in the bottom left corner of the hatch. Beyond this, the information to be gleaned from the photo is slim.

Prior to today, Honda had announced that a new HR-V was going to be revealed at some point this year. Plus, it shared a couple teasers of what it would look like. Those teasers were dramatized renderings, but they’re still the best that we have to go on — you can find them here. Additionally, Honda said that the HR-V we get would be “unique to North America.” Basically, don’t expect the HR-V to be a copy of the European HR-V or Japanese Vezel.

We’ll need to wait until April 4 to learn more, so make sure you tune back in then if the next-gen HR-V is on your radar.

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