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No changes to three DRS zones at Jeddah for F1’s return · RaceFans

The FIA has not altered the DRS zones for the second race with Formula 1’s cars designed to its new rules for 2022.

The championship returns to Jeddah Corniche Circuit this weekend for its second race on the Saudi Arabian track, three months on from its first visit.

The FIA has confirmed the same three DRS zones and detection points will be used around the 27-turn course as last year. The first begins at the exit of turn 19, the second is at the entry to turn 25 and the third starts 170 metres after the final corner.

That bend, turn 27, is the only one on the circuit to have been modified since last year. The exit of the corner, where Max Verstappen crashed at the end of qualifying last year, has been slightly widened. However the official length of the circuit remains unchanged at 6.174 kilometres.

The race promoters have made other alterations to the circuit to improve drivers’ sight lines, mostly by reconfiguring barriers.

Last week F1 held the first race for cars designed to rules which were intended to aid overtaking. Drivers gave mixed views on whether DRS had become more or less powerful, and whether it was still needed to facilitate passing.

“You can follow, let’s put it like this, a lot closer than before, and the car is less affected by following another one,” said Esteban Ocon in response to a question from RaceFans. “So that’s going very much in the right direction.

“It still does affect you a little bit but it has reduced the towing effect quite a lot, and the DRS was still powerful, but I didn’t feel as big as the previous years.”

Jeddah Corniche Circuit track map, 2021
Jeddah Corniche Circuit track map

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