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Ken Block Laps Laguna Seca in His Audi RS e-tron GT

Last we saw Ken Block and his Audi RS e-tron GT, he was scaring the pants off his employees by showing off just how fast his new electric super sedan is. This time, in his latest video, he decided to find out what his new Audi could do at the track. But not just any track. Laguna Seca.


For those that don’t know, Laguna Seca is likely the most iconic racetracks in America. It’s most famous for its Corkscrew, a tight switchback that drops about seven stories of elevation from the top to the bottom. It’s such a famous bit of track that there’s actually a bar, off track, at the top of the hill where the Corkscrew begins, so fans can have a few beers at the top, watching cars go down. It’s awesome.


Laguna Seca is certainly not for big, heavy cars. It’s fast, it’s technical, it’s hard on brakes, and it’s best suited to proper driver’s cars. While the Audi RS e-tron GT is a great performance car, it’s more of a performance grand touring car; something that’s bonkers quick in a straight line and handles well but really wants to be blasting across some of Europe’s greatest roads, rather than attacking race tracks.


Don’t tell that to Ken Block, however, as he pushed the RS e-tron GT about as hard as he possibly could at Laguna. Despite not knowing the track well, Block decided to try out some flying laps, to see how fast the big electric Audi could go. His first couple laps were quick but then he decided to try one with traction control off, because he could feel the electric powertrain’s nannies reigning in the power. Naturally, he was faster that way.


What’s really impressive, though, is how the RS e-tron GT handled the Corkscrew. Its suspension soaked up the massive drop shockingly well and stayed composed throughout. The Corkscrew is the sort of corner that will chew up and spit out any car that doesn’t have proper suspension tuning. Thankfully, the RS e-tron GT does.


Check out this new video to see how the Audi RS e-tron GT performed at one of the most grueling tracks in America.


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