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BMW’s Designworks Releases the Sundancer 370 Outboard

The Sundancer line has been synonymous with Sea Ray since the brand opened its doors in 1959. If you think of Sea Ray, the Sundancer models are usually the first to come to mind. These watercraft are perfect for cruising and now that the weather is starting to warm up again, people are ready to get back out on the water. 

BMW’s Designworks, together with Sea Ray, is ahead of the curve with the release of the Sundancer 370 Outboard. What makes this addition to the Sundancer line different from its predecessors and what will it take to bring one home?

Sundancer 370’s Specs

The Sea Ray and BMW’s Designworks pulled out all the stops with this craft, whether you’re looking for an afternoon cruise or a dayboat you can use to spend the weekend out on the water in comfort and luxury. The Sundancer 370 comes equipped with three 300-hp Mercury Verado V8 JPS engines that reach the plane in 5.7 seconds and maintain it at as little as 15 mph. It has a dry weight of 21,008 lbs, but it can quickly fly across the water’s surface with a full tank — 250 gallons — while comfortably supporting 5+ people. 

There’s plenty of power to play with, whether you’re cruising out to your favorite fishing spot or putting the metaphorical pedal to the metal. If you can dish it out, the Sundancer 370 can take it. The auto trim option helps to adjust the outboard trim automatically. 

Unlike previous Sundancer models, which had a half-glass half-isinglass cabin, the 370 has an entire glass cabin. The side windows are half-glass as standard, but you can choose a full glass option to bring the whole look together and create a climate-controlled interior. You can also opt for a motorized hardtop, with options for a panoramic sunroof and side shades. 

You’ve got a pair of 12” Simrad GO12 displays at the helm that can display up to 6 panels on each screen. This feature makes it easy to create your custom user interface, with anything from electrical monitoring to tank controls and everything available at your fingertips. 

Bringing One Home

With luxury and power like this comes a substantial price tag and the Sundancer 370 is no different. The base 370 model starts at $782,800, but there are plenty of add-ons — like the Seakeeper 3 we’ve already mentioned — that can drive that price up even higher. Financing may be the ideal option if you’ve got your heart set on the Sundancer 370. With some boats priced similarly to houses, obtaining a boat loan should be easy if your credit is in good shape. 

Style and Comfort

It might not look like much from the outside, but the Sundancer 370 is designed with comfort in mind. From its spa-like head with a full shower to the lounge that folds out to a double-sleeper, it’s easy to ensure that everyone is comfortable, no matter how far you are from the nearest port. If you’re worried about rough seas, for an extra $54,000, Sea Ray offers the Seakeeper 3, a gyrostabilizer that can help reduce the roll and make spending the night at sea much more comfortable if you don’t have your sea legs yet.

While it lacks the full galley you might want for longer voyages, the 370 comes equipped with a fridge and microwave, so it’s easy to stock up on snacks and easy microwavable meals you can enjoy while you’re at sea. If you’re out fishing and want to cook your catch, there is plenty of space to grill as you head toward the craft’s aft. 

There is plenty of available seating and several seats — such as the one in the cabin — that you can switch from fore to aft depending on where you want to sit when the ship is at anchor. Even with all the options that Sea Ray has for you to choose from, there is always some room for customization.

Ride the Waves

The Sundancer 370 is the product of decades of engineering, trial and error and Sea Ray listening to its fans. They’ve made something that ticks all the boxes for most boating enthusiasts. This craft is perfect for cruising, weekend trips, or even longer voyages if you don’t mind getting friendly with the person next to you. 

Suppose you’ve got the chance to take one of these gorgeous pieces of boating engineering for a spin, take advantage of it. Sea Ray has put together something that you likely will never experience again, at least not in a ship of this size. 

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