Free Video Downloader Iron Trap’s Sweetheart Roadster Is Finally In Bare Metal! See How It Got There

We’ve really loved watching Matt get his sheetmetal work going on the Sweetheart Roadster, but the original paint and patchwork was really starting to get old. Apparently it wasn’t just us who thought so, as Matt spends this episode of the build getting the car into bare metal, and even doing some more panel repair. This car is going to be super cool when it is done and in typical Iron Trap fashion they are doing this car with as many original, or old, parts as is possible. Check it out!

Video Description:

Since finishing the doors on the Sweetheart Roadster, Matt has been itching to strip the rest of the paint off the back of the car. Besides getting the car into one color, it allows us to see the condition of the metal across the back portion of the car. Of course Matt did find a few spots that will need attention, but he first tackles the passenger side body line that typically has damage on Model A Roadsters. The body on a roadster flexes a lot without a roof and that area seems to show the damage the most. The area has been attempted to be repaired before and needs a lot of work. Matt attempts to use a stud gun and slide hammer, but decides to just cut the damage out and start fresh! Slowly the Sweetheart Roadster is headed towards the finish line!!

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