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Why does Carz R Us perform a Digital Courtesy Inspection?

Have you ever paid for a repair or
maintenance item you feel you did not need? Was the service was not
explained properly? Do you feel your auto repair shop of choice
provides you evidence of what your vehicle needs? Do they provide
pricing before discussing your vehicles’ health report? If not,
you may want to consider choosing Carz R Us.

At Carz R Us we provide you information
on the health of your vehicle, but you determine the budget spent. We
provide pictures and videos of the each area of your vehicle like
this tire that is not repairable. In this case, the customer brought
in the vehicle for this concern.

View our YouTube Video:\

What about the items you don’t know
about like your oil level being low? What can this cost you if you do
not know about it?

Carz R Us provides the best value to
the consumer. How do we do this? The education we provide our clients
helps prevent larger vehicle expenses. This lowers stress and allows
for more of your budget to be used on maintenance rather than
repairs. Our clients cost of vehicle ownership is the lowest in the
area. Below is the end of an inspection sent to one of our clients.
You can see safety, repairs and maintenance. This helps our customers
prioritize their budget without feeling sold.

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