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road legal prodrive hunter – Driving your dream


Road legal Prodrive Hunter

Prodrive has officially launched its all-new Prodrive Hunter, a 4WD off-road adventure vehicle designed for both street riding and off-road racing. The new Prodrive Hunter thrives in deserts, dunes and rough mountain roads. 

The Prodrive Hunter was born for the Dakar, and later a road legal version was launched without the limitations of the regulations. In addition to development tests, it has been tested in real competition. In 14 days, the car covered 8,500 kilometers in the Arabian desert, traversing dunes, mountains and the roughest rocky paths.

The car is more powerful than the car driven by nine-time Dakar world champion Sebastian Loeb, with 50 percent more power thanks to a twin-turbo engine

Every component will be upgraded to make the headlining output of 600hp and 700 Nm of torque, with a 3.5 V6 twin-turbo engine. The Prodrive Hunter will manage 0-100 kph in less than four seconds  with some nimble shifting, and a top speed of nearly 300 kph.  To improve drivability, the manual sequential transmission has been replaced with six-speed paddle shifters that enable smooth shifts in milliseconds.

It traverses dunes, rocky roads and desert trails with ease, thanks to 35-inch tires and dual-damping suspension. ​The Prodrive Hunter has front, center and rear differentials, and a massive fuel tank that can hold up to 480 litres.

​The entire car is built around a high-strength steel space frame chassis that provides a rigid platform to optimize suspension geometry and performance, and an FIA-standard safety cage to protect the occupants. 

The entire vehicle is designed to minimize overall weight and optimize weight distribution and center of gravity. The entire body is made of lightweight carbon composite material, which contains recycled material from Prodrive Composite.

But while the Prodrive Hunter is still faster and more capable than a race car, it’s also more complex. Ian Callum, who designed the look of the original race car, has returned to the project to create a new interior that makes the race car more suitable for everyday use. The digital display provides drivers with all the key information they need, while the center console houses the more traditional road car controls. This low-production exotic car promises to be one of the most authentic sports SUVs on the market

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