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Audi R8 Destroyed After Slamming Into Wall While Drag Racing

A heavily modified Audi R8 has been destroyed after crashing spectacularly during the recent TX2K22 drag racing event.

Footage of the incident shows that the all-black R8 was racing alongside a white R8 at the time. While details about this specific R8 aren’t known, we suspect it is twin-turbocharged as evidenced by the sheer speed at which it sprints off the line and the massive black lines that it leaves down the drag strip.

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As the German supercar continues to build speed, it can be seen veering to the left and to the right as it struggles to put all of its power to the ground. As the driver approaches the end of the quarter-mile, they completely lose control of the mid-engined supercar. The car swerves aggressively to the left across the track and slams straight into the concrete wall, completely destroying the front end.

Immediately after the impact, safety crews at the track can be seen rushing to the car. Fortunately, the driver doesn’t appear to have been injured and only suffered a few bruises.

This wasn’t the only Audi R8 that crashed during the event either. The second video you’ll find below shows yet another black R8 that was wrecked. We know this particular R8 was indeed a twin-turbocharged model and can see that after crossing the finish line, the driver hits the brake and the car suddenly swerves to the right, slamming into the wall and completely destroying the front end.

A plethora of other cars were involved in incidents throughout the event, including a white Nissan GT-R that also crashed heavily.



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