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Why Does My Tire Go Flat?

One of the most frustrating feelings is
to walk out to your vehicle and notice you have a flat tire. Is this
preventable? The answer is it depends. Here are some tips to help
minimize flat tire issues and the need for a tire repair:

The other way you can help prevent tire
issues is to make sure your tires are not dry rotting or wearing
unevenly. Make sure you tires are inspected by your local automotive
repair shop every visit. If ay uneven wear is noticed have an
alignment performed. Also, make sure you tires are less than 5 years

If you do have a tire go flat do not
try to drive the vehicle unless it is a slow leak. The damage caused
by driving the vehicle to the rim and the tire are much more
expensive than a tow. If you have any questions or need tire repair
near me, call us at 815-877-4277, text us at 815-240-2515, or stop in
to Carz R Us at 10208
Smythe Ave, Machesney Park, IL 61115.

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