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Ferrari reaches agreement with Carlos Sainz over new F1 contract

Scuderia Ferrari Spanish driver Carlos Sainz has reached an agreement with the Maranello team regarding a contract extension, as confirmed by Team Principal Mattia Binotto at the end of the first round of the 2022 Formula 1 season, which took place yesterday in Bahrain.

The Spaniard helped his Maranello squad secure an amazing one-two finish at the Sakhir circuit behind his teammate Charles Leclerc, despite the fact that he admitted to being left somewhat frustrated by his own performance during the first weekend of the new F1 campaign. The Spanish driver confiremd he was not being able to extract as much speed out of the new Ferrari F1-75 challenger as his Monegasque teammate, and is at a loss to explain just why he is encountering such difficulties now, after he was very close to Charles Leclerc during the 2021 championship.

However, there was more good news for Carlos Sainz: following discussions between himself and Ferrari over the winter, it seems that the Spanish driver’s Formula 1 future alongside the Maranello team has at least been secured, with Mattia Binotto confirming the agreement has been reached and is only a matter of time until it is put on paper and signed. Asked after the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix about how close a new contract was, Carlos Sainz explained: “I think we are close. Very close. Very, very close. Very close. Extremely close. Nearly there.” While Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto added: “I think we found an agreement. It’s only a matter to translate it into paper.”

Now that his long-term future with Scuderia Ferrari is assured, Carlos Sainz can focus on the 2022 Formula 1 season and getting a better feeling and understanding of the F1-75 car. For now it seems that Charles Leclerc has adapted much better to the requirements of the new generation of Formula 1 cars and the Spanish driver has confessed to his situation being the hardest he has encountered since he moved to the Italian side ahead of the 2021 campaign:

“In FP1, FP2 and FP3 I was very far behind, the most far that I’ve been ever in Ferrari, and that’s why even with a 1-2 that we scored, I’m not entirely happy with the weekend,” Carlos Sainz added – “As a Ferrari driver it’s been my most difficult weekend and it just shows that I need to put my head down, understand this car, understand where is Charles making the difference with his driving and the way that he’s approaching the corners and driving the tyres, also in the race. I need to improve if I want to fight for a win and I will put my head down and try to do some steps coming into Jeddah. Can I improve it from one weekend to another? I think I can improve it. Can I cut down the deficit completely? It’s a very good question. I wish I can and I will be working hard for it.” – the Ferrari driver concluded.

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