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Domenicali expects ‘a big Imola crowd like the old days’ as Ferrari start season on top · RaceFans

In the round-up: Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali welcomed Ferrari’s return to form after their one-two finish in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

In brief

Ferrari winning “good for everyone” – Domenicali

Fans at Imola during the 2001 San Marino Grand Prix

Domenicali was Ferrari’s team principal from 2008 and 2014. He expects to see strong crowds in his home town, Imola, when F1 races there next month, following his former team’s strong start to the season yesterday.

“There’s no doubt that to see Ferrari back again competitive is very good for everyone,” he said. “I’m sure that this will have an impact on the number of ticket sales that we, the promoter, will sell. And I’m expecting in Imola, a big crowd does in the old days.”

F1 raced at Imola between 1980 and 2006, before returning in 2020.

Latifi downbeat after 16th in opener

Nicholas Latifi described a tough first race of 2022 for Williams after finishing 16th in Bahrain.

“It was a tricky day and it’s clear we’re not starting off as strong as we would have liked,” he said. “We’ve been lacking pace, struggling with overall grip, balance and tyre degradation. We need to work out how we extract more out of the package we have now and have a real push to react as soon as possible to bring some more speed to the car.”

F2 and F3 points unchanged by penalties

Three F2 drivers and one F3 driver collected penalties in yesterdays feature races, but none had any effect upon the points standings.

In F2, Enzo Fittipaldi took a five-second penalty for colliding with Richard Verschoor and Oliver Caldwell received the same for exceeding track limits four times at turn four. Amaury Cordeel received a stiffer sanction in the form of two 10-second time penalties for twice breaking the pit lane speed limit.

F3 driver Hunter Yeany was penalised five seconds after he was considered wholly to blame for his collision with Niko Kari.

Formula 2 drivers struggle with broken equipment

Theo Pourchaire said a tyre marble cracked his visor during the final 12 laps on his way to victory in yesterday’s feature race in Bahrain.

“During the race, my visor broke because of rubber, the tyres,” Pourchaire explained. “Behind Drugovich I received something and my visor was broken, it was like a crack on the left hand side.”

Pourchaire said it affected him “a lot” over the final laps. “It was so difficult to concentrate because you have that happening and then you need to push, need to be really careful with the tyres. It was so difficult.”

Third-placed driver in the feature race Jüri Vips sympathised, revealing he also had an equipment failure in Saturday’s sprint race. “My left belt completely off the HANS so every time I braked since lap five or something it just [flew around].”

“This is F2,” concluded Pourchaire.

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