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‘This is the second time now’

Max Verstappen is still working hard to pass his rival Charles Leclerc during the Bahrain Grand Prix. He believes this could have already happened if his team had made the right decision. He let Red Bull Racing know that over the team radio.

The Dutchman started the race in Bahrain from second position and did not manage to overtake Leclerc on the first lap. During the pit stops, however, much changed. Verstappen went in a lap earlier than Leclerc, which was also the case during the second pit stop.

It gave Verstappen the opportunity to get past Leclerc with warmer tyres, but according to him, his team was in his way. “This is now the second time I’m taking it easy on the out-lap when I could have easily been in the lead. I am not doing it ever again,” he shouted furiously towards his team.

Wonderful battle between Leclerc and Verstappen

Incidentally, Verstappen had the chance to keep Leclerc behind him on several occasions. In the first 20 laps he passed Leclerc three times, but on each occasion, the Ferrari driver managed to regain his position at lightning speed. Verstappen therefore seems to have a big task to overtake Leclerc.

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