Introducing an amazing car made to all generations, you admire it with her simplest design, and the huge power in it and The Ford Focus RS came with amazing options, I will describe them to you.
The car is taking a fight and the competition to The Volkswagen Golf 7 R cause it’s slower than the Ford and the Mercedes A45 AMG and the Audi RS3 because they cost more than the Ford, and they come with almost the same options.
The Ford Focus RS has a straight four cylinders, a 2.3 L engine with a manual six-speed gearbox.
Ford has a Four-wheel driving system that will make her a more exciting car to experience.
Her engine has 350 horsepower and with an additional 1.100, euros, the horsepower will raise to 375 or more.
This amazing Ford is very competitive in the sports car market now and so many people from all generations loving the car viewing to her low price and great power and unique driving experience.
In the interior, Ford a high-quality interior with black leather and the RS symbol on it. The sound system in the car is unique too, it calls the RS2 package stereo system. The Ford Focus RS has an electronic exhaust system with a powerful sound. This Turbocharged Ford 2.3 L engine has so much power, and the driver will have a very powerful experience behind the steering wheel, and he will feel a great acceleration speed than other cars in the same category as The Golf MK7 R with only 300 horsepower and cost more than Ford and what makes her slower in a head-to-head acceleration competition.
Although, the Ford Focus RS is a very powerful sports car with a very acceptable price and options.