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Destroy Teslas With This Nitrous Fueled 1,300 HP Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

This Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is so brutal that it can keep up with the fastest stock Tesla on the planet but it’s normal enough that it’s still a real streetcar. It’s still full equipped with everything that it had when it rolled off of the factory line and of course, it’s actually got a few little extras here and there.

Not only is it spraying nitrous now, but it has some supporting mods to make sure it doesn’t blow up. That includes a bottle heater, a stand-alone fuel cell, and an aftermarket intercooler icebox. All of that kit is beautifully tucked under the rear cargo area’s floor cover so you’d never know about them if you didn’t look. Those mods are big additions to an SUV that starts out with a 707 hp supercharged HEMI V8 under the hood.

It now pumps out 1300 hp and Mike says it’s done the quarter-mile at 9.20s and 154 mph (248 km/h) this year already. That’s on par with the quickest stock Tesla Model S Plaids out there – and the Trackhawk weighs every bit of 5,500 pounds. In the video below, the guys test it out without nitrous first but it’s still so fast that the AWD basically spins out and crab walks down the road a little as it rockets forward.

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Once nitrous is involved, it’s amazing how calculated the mix can be. Thanks to an onboard controller, it doesn’t actually open up all the way until 5,200 rpm but it starts feeding around 3,700. Not surprisingly, it struggles to hook up with the extra power as well but Mike does a great job of keeping the SUV pointed straight.

This SUV is so reasonable and usable that most of the video is these guys just riding around talking about how nice it is to have a normal-ish car that can do what this one can. It has air conditioning, space for five, and shifts like a normal car around town.

Keep in mind that it uses regular pump E85 fuel and can run without causing issues. The components that needed to be beefed up have been and now it’s just a reliable, fast, and fun SUV.

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