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Base Tesla Model 3: 6 Month Review

The Tesla Model 3 is incredibly popular for a reason – it’s an excellent all-round EV with great tech, good driving dynamics and plenty of range. However, it’s also after getting rather expensive. Long gone are the days of the sub $40k Model 3. The cheapest one today will set you back at least $48,440 after delivery charges. Want as much range as possible? The Long Range 3 will now set you back $55,940 before options. How about some added power? The Performance now starts at $63,440. This is far from the affordable car Elon Musk promised half a decade ago. 

Hence if you’re buying a Model 3 following the latest round of price increases there’s a good chance you’ll be looking at the entry-level version. So, is the base Model 3 all the car you need? Well YouTuber Bearded Tesla Guy recently did a 6 month review of his SR+ Model 3, going through all the positives and negatives he has encountered. It’s important to note the SR+ is no longer available – instead we now have the ‘Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive’ which has more range but is slightly slower. Still, they’re fundamentally the same.

Bearded Tesla Guy first discussed the LFP battery pack, which can be charged to 100%. His Model 3 features a black exterior and white interior as options. He has noticed some panel gaps, meanwhile one of the rear doors has some resistance closing. However overall he noted the car feels solid and is very quite to drive. There are no rattles or squeaks like in earlier Model 3s. The ride is much better than in his Model Y, thanks in part to the 18″ alloys.

You also get all the tech benefits found in more expensive cars. The efficiency is also really good. Bearded Tesla Guy has had no maintenance issues with his car in the 6 months he has had it as well. Inside the seats are super comfortable meanwhile visibility is great.

Downsides include the LFP battery in cold weather, with LFP batteries taking longer to warm up. Phantom braking is also an issue when facing oncoming traffic. Equally the car can be hard to get out of given it sits so low. Charging is capped at only 170 kW as well.

Bearded Tesla Guy concluded that the base Model 3 is still fantastic, although it doesn’t offer as much value as it used to given the latest set of price increases. However you still get the full Tesla experience meanwhile maintenance costs are lower than anything else on the market, plus resale values are great too.

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