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Staying Healthy on Your Next BMW Road Trip: 8 Tips

Few things are more enjoyable for BMW owners than taking their luxury vehicles on long road trips. You get to watch the scenery fly by and drive to your heart’s content. However, to make your road trip experience that enjoyable, you must practice the right habits to ensure your health and safety. Here are eight tips for staying healthy on your next BMW road trip.

  1. Plan Your Route

You can’t expect to completely dodge traffic on an extended road trip, but you can reduce your exposure to it by planning ahead. Map your route to avoid congested roads and time the trip so you can miss rush hour traffic. These proactive measures can eliminate a significant chunk of time you otherwise would’ve spent sitting bumper to bumper.

  1. Watch Your Posture

Adjust the driver’s seat to about a 100-degree angle so your lower back gets enough support.  You could also use a cushion or small pillow to make driving more comfortable. Your legs should have room to stretch out, but not so much that you struggle to reach the pedals. Find that happy medium.

Make sure you don’t slouch or lean to one side while on the road. Keep your back straight and your head forward. Good posture will save you from some of the pain and stiffness that often comes after long hours of driving.

  1. Take Frequent Breaks

Listen to your body and take breaks as often as necessary. If you have to go, you have to go. There’s no need to rush your road trip, especially if you planned the route beforehand and accounted for all your stopping points. You can also keep your body loose and strong by stretching at each stop. Take your time and pull over when your mind or body gives you the signal.

  1. Pack Plenty of Snacks

You can make your road trip much more enjoyable by packing plenty of your favorite snacks before you set out. We’re supposed to eat a meal every four to five hours, but no one wants to stop that often for a full meal. You might have to go out of your way to find a good restaurant, and eating often takes upwards of an hour. 10-minute breaks are one thing, but such frequent extended stops will slow your progress significantly and throw off your timing.

Snacks will satisfy your hunger and keep you on the main path for longer stretches. It’s better to eat steadily and take shorter breaks than to eat just a few times a day and take longer breaks. Road trips are about steady progress.

  1. Identify Eating Spots Beforehand

Unless you plan on relying on your snacks, you will have to stop for a sit-down meal eventually. Save yourself time and stress by pinning a few restaurants as you plan your route so you don’t have to worry about finding a decent spot as you’re driving. Identify the locations you want to eat at beforehand, so you know when to stop and can factor the extra time into your schedule.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water might mean you have to stop for more bathroom breaks, but your health is the higher priority. Dehydration leads to mental and physical fatigue, which can affect your driving. Stay hydrated to keep yourself sharp behind the wheel and reduce the risk of an accident. Bring large water bottles and a small cooler so you have more than enough water to spare.

  1. Choose Your Overnight Stays Carefully

If your road trip lasts longer than one day, you must choose your overnight stay carefully. It’s one thing to stop at a local motel with a random vehicle, but a BMW attracts unwanted attention. Choose a trustworthy establishment with adequate parking, and try to book a room where you can see the parking lot from the outside.

  1. Switch Drivers 

Long hours behind the wheel takes a greater toll on your body than you think. You and your road trip companions should share the workload and give each other extended breaks from driving. You can nibble on snacks, take a nap or simply watch the scenery pass by. 

As much as you might cringe at the thought of letting other people drive your BMW, you can’t stay behind the wheel the whole time. You’ll become tired, grumpy and more prone to road rage and accidents. Give the responsibility to your friends for a while and recharge as a passenger.

Make Your BMW Road Trip Memorable

To make your BMW road trip a memorable experience, you must plan with purpose. Map your route so you can dodge traffic and enjoy more stretches of open road. Monitor your posture and take breaks whenever necessary.

Pack enough food and water to keep yourself energized. Choose appropriate restaurants and overnight accommodations, and lastly, switch drivers when you get tired. Don’t focus on the destination so much and enjoy the journey.

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