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Lime Rock Park Historic Festival to Celebrate Corvette, Feature ‘Vette Concept Cars

This fall’s Lime Rock Park Historic Festival will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Chevrolet Corvette as the featured marque. First shown to the public at General Motors’ Motorama as a “dream car” in January 1953, the ‘Vette has captured hearts, minds and sports car enthusiast dreams ever since.

The Corvette has had a dramatic impact on both street and track, and the Sept 1-5 he Historic Festival will celebrate its competition legacy as well as the remarkable design journey that has shaped its styling through a series of unforgettable concept cars.

The Labor Day weekend event at Lime Rock, which will also welcome the return of the Historic Trans Am class, will feature 12 of the most significant Corvette concept cars, including the 1959 Stingray Concept, provided by the General Motors Heritage Center.

“We are excited to host 12 of the most significant Corvette concept cars. They will be together for the first time in history at Lime Rock Park, and I think this one will be a truly unforgettable event,” said Skip Barber, Historic Festival Event Chairman. “The Corvette has been a central player, not only in American motorsports but also internationally. Between the amazing concept cars and some rare competition Corvettes that will be here on display, this should really be something special.”

For eight generations, Corvette has pushed the boundaries of technology, performance and style while remaining an attainable cultural icon.

“From the moment that it was first displayed in 1953 to today, the Corvette has always delivered unforgettable design,” said Michael Simcoe, Vice President, GM Global Design. “It will be really special to have so many examples of competition, street and one-of-a-kind concept Corvettes all in one place at Lime Rock Park for the Historic Festival. Through the generations, the Corvette design has evolved, but the brand has always maintained a central role in the automotive landscape and it is fantastic to have that role celebrated at Lime Rock Park.”

This season is the 65th year of operation for Lime Rock Park, and the Corvette has been a part of that history through the generations, including the debut of John Greenwood’s “Spirit of ’76” Corvette to victory in the final IMSA GTLM outing at the track for Corvette Racing in 2021.

For event information, including tickets, click HERE.

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