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Is there a Tire Shortage?

The simple answer is YES, there is a tire shortage. Let us discuss this more in-depth and what it means for you, the consumer. An example of this shortage is:

Common tire size: 225/60/16

  • This tire size would have approximately 150 tire options available
  • Currently, there are 51 tire options in this size
  • Over half of these options have less than 100 tires available in the entire country (searched through our largest provider)

What is this going to mean for you?

  • If you have a less common size, you will have a lot less options to choose from
  • This may result in you having to buy a more expensive tire option
  • You may not have tires available when you want to buy them
  • You may have to wait several days for your tire shop to receive your tires
  • Prices are going way up. Expect to pay an increased price and this price continues to rise

What can you do about this? Have your
vehicle inspected before the first major snowfall.

Buy your tires before this snowfall
arrives. Many consumers wait to buy their tires until winter weather
starts. If you wait for this time, you will have a much harder time
finding the tires you want at the price you have budgeted. Click the
link below to set up your free tire inspection.

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