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Hamilton hopes Abu Dhabi report offers transparency

Max Verstappen crosses the line to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Transparency is critical in the eyes of Lewis Hamilton as the FIA prepares to publish a report into last year’s Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

In response to the controversy which surrounded the end of the 2021 season, the FIA has already introduced a raft of changes to the way it manages the F1 with the race director role to be shared, with additional support being added to the position.

And while those moves have been seen as positive steps forward, there remains keen interest in understanding exactly what transpired in Yas Marina in December.

That is set to be made published tomorrow, with Hamilton hopeful that it offers a degree of transparency on the way F1 is policed going forward.

“It’s important that, as a sport, we are transparent,” he said.

“I had a good meeting with Mohammed [ben Sulayem, FIA president] last night, who agreed that that’s the direction that we should take as a sport.

“So [I’m] looking forward to seeing it come out and for people to know that the sport is transparent and we are learning from what’s happened in the past, and we’ll make improvements moving forwards.”

Hamilton’s desire to understand and learn from last season’s events is not unique, with the bulk of drivers sharing his opinion.

It was not, however, unanimous, with some preferring simply to leave the incident in the past.

“I don’t think we need to read anything,” suggested two-time world champion Fernando Alonso.

“I mean, this is done, it’s over already and there are many race direction decisions that we can understand, or we cannot understand sometimes, and always we move on, and this time is no different.

“It was what it was, right or wrong, and in that moment race direction felt right,” he added.

“We have different rules this year for Safety Cars and unlapping cars and things like that so, as usual, we move on.”

“I don’t think we need a full report,” agreed Max Verstappen.

“Of course, every year it’s good to discuss about what happened in the year before and what you can do better, that’s what teams do as well, right?

“Of course, if things can be written down in an easier way, or a way to understand it better, the wording, then for sure, but let’s see.”

However, the bulk of drivers believed the opportunity to read the full report would be a benefit.

“I’m obviously interested in seeing what comes out of and on what we have learned as a sport,” said Carlos Sainz.

“But at the same time, I think it’s time to, as soon as it comes out, and as soon as it’s analysed and red by everyone, it’s time to move on.

“We are in March 2022 and we’re still talking about December 2021.”

His Ferrari team-mate, Charles Leclerc, shared that view.

“I think it is really important to have that transparency and for us to be able to see it,” he said of the report.

“Whether I will read it, I don’t think so, it will probably be too long, but it’s important to at least have the big lines and know what is the conclusion of it in order to grow.”

The FIA report is expected to be published following a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council on Saturday.

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