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Lamborghini’s Record-Breaking 2021 Heralds An Electric Future

Lamborghini had a great 2021, but the future is even greater.

With an operating income increase of nearly 50%, an operating margin of over 20%, and 8,405 cars delivered globally, an increase of 13% over 2020, Lamborghini showed wonderful improvement over the past year. This growth was enjoyed globally, as well, with delivery increasing in America and the Asia Pacific region by 14%, and in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region by 12%. Respectively, each region accounted for 34%, 27%, and 39% of total sales volume for Lamborghini.

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The Urus, being Lamborghini’s entry into the ever-popular luxury SUV segment, was the most popular with 5,021 global deliveries, followed by the Huracan with 2,586. The Huracan STO was a large factor in its sales figures this past year.

The future, however, is where things start to look even better for Lamborghini. Just months on the horizon, Lamborghini plans to introduce two innovations each for the Huracan and Urus, and then kick off the transition away from gasoline-powered engines with the Aventador’s replacement starting in 2023. By 2024, the entire range will consist of hybrids, with the second half of the decade being the point at which Lamborghini will begin to transition to fully electric cars, starting with an electric model that will complement the hybrid lineup.

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