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F1 Fantasy 2022: How to play

The 2022 Formula 1 World Championship begins with Sunday’s Bahrain Grand Prix. Now’s your last chance to get your teams ready for the start of the season – so here’s a guide on how to set up your team and join F1 Fantasy leagues.

Join F1 Fantasy and create your team!

What’s new for 2022?

Driver values have been updated, plus the game has been changed to reflect the current line-up.

Points scoring also gets overhauled this year, with the following changes:

  • Points for positions gained/lost are now applied relative to the previous session’s finishing position rather than compared to the starting grid to better account for grid penalties
  • Drivers now lose two points per position up to a maximum of 10 points for positions lost – regardless of whether the driver started in the top 10 or not
  • A DNF now loses 10 points
  • Fastest lap, not classified and disqualified events are now applied to constructors’ points totals as well as drivers’ points totals


How to play: Pick five drivers and a team

Firstly, sign up at and pick a team, or log in using your existing credentials. You will then have $100m at your disposal to pick five drivers and one constructor. Rinse and repeat – you can create up to three teams.

Keep your eye on the price of each driver, and make sure to lock in your selections before qualifying on Saturday evening. This deadline may vary over the year, thanks to Sprint events.

Ahead of each Grand Prix you get three substitutions. Log into F1 Fantasy, tap ‘Manage’ and start swapping out your drivers. You can sort the list of available drivers by price or other criteria.

Join or create a league

You can create or join leagues in F1 Fantasy in order to play with friends, family, or like-minded competitors around the world.

Just log in, tap the ‘leagues’ button on the left and create your league, or head to the top right of the screen to join with a code supplied by someone who has already created a league.


Play your powerups

Catchy team name, quintet of drivers, one constructor and leagues are all done. Now you have to make sure to use your powerups, of which there are three:

  • Turbo Driver – this doubles the score of any driver with a value under $20m. Use it by tapping the ‘TD’ icon in your team selection screen.

  • Mega Driver – triples the score of any driver, regardless of value. You get two plays of this per season, so use them wisely. Use it by tapping the ‘MD’ icon.

  • Wildcards – they let you make up to 12 substitutions for free in the raceweek that they are played, letting you reset your team and make additional substitutions to grow your budget above $100m. You get two Wildcards per season, one in the first half and one in the second half. This one is played by tapping the icon with the joker hat.

Just make sure to take ‘Streaks’ into account…



As mentioned, the returning Streaks feature is an essential one for scoring in F1 Fantasy.

It works like so: if your driver qualifies in the top 10 for five straight races, they will gain five extra points; if your driver finishes in the top 10 for five straight races, they will gain 10 extra points.

Streaks also work with constructors, but both drivers need to qualify or finish in the top 10 for three consecutive races to activate streaks for their team.

Combine hot streaks with the aforementioned powerups to double or triple your bonus. That’s how you really make it count.

Tap here to get started with F1 Fantasy and create your team for 2022

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