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Don’t Forget To Make Your Jalopnik IndyCar Fantasy League Picks

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Photo: Joe Skibinski / Penske Entertainment

This weekend, the IndyCar series is heading to its first oval race — and second race overall — of the 2022 season. That means it’s time to get your Jalopnik IndyCar Fantasy League picks submitted!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why make your picks so early, well before any cars have hit the track? Well, the IndyCar Fantasy League website ran into a few snags during the first race weekend at St. Petersburg; a huge influx of people just before the race saw the Fantasy servers fail, meaning a lot of folks didn’t get to make their picks.

I recommend making some picks right now, since you can always change them later. That way, you’re at least guaranteed some points should all hell break loose again on Sunday. I doubt it will — but again, better safe than sorry.

(And as a reminder, we’re discounting the results of that first race when awarding prizes — though if your St. Pete results would have put you in a podium position that you otherwise wouldn’t have achieved, we’re going to make sure you’re compensated.)

The Jalopnik league is hosted on IndyCar’s overall fantasy website. Basically, you make one set of personal picks on your homepage, and those picks immediately transfer to any leagues you’re in. No, you can’t make picks for different leagues — one of the downsides of the service — but you’re also totally able to join as many leagues as you can.

TMS has been a hit-or-miss track in recent years. Where the racing used to be exceptional, we’ve seen a bit of a downturn thanks to the application of traction compound PJ1, which is used by NASCAR. The PJ1 makes the track practically undriveable for IndyCar — though there are currently some rumors that a few drivers will be invited to work in a second racing groove with some free Firestone tires and high-downforce setups, depending on the results of practice.

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