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5 Signs Your Clutch is on the Verge of Failing

A Soft or Spongy Clutch Pedal

The feel of your clutch pedal will gradually change over time in between clutch services. However, you should take note if your clutch pedal feels spongy, soft, or has to be depressed very far down to engage it. These are some of the earliest signs of clutch problems, so don’t disregard them. Catching a clutch problem at this stage can save you a lot of money and stress in the long run.

Trouble Staying in Gear

One of the most common symptoms of clutch trouble is slipping gears. Simply put, this is when your car’s transmission cannot always stay in gear. If your gear slips, you may notice sudden revving or hesitation while driving as your transmission comes out of the proper gear. Because this symptom also causes some drivability and safety issues, it’s important to have a technician diagnose what repairs are necessary as soon as possible.

You Smell Burning When Driving

A burning smell while driving can signal a number of necessary car repairs. Pay attention to when the burning smell occurs and any other symptoms you may experience alongside the smell. Most commonly, you’ll notice slipping gears alongside the burning smell. However, any time you smell burning while driving, it’s cause for concern and should be checked out by a trusted technician.

A Grinding Sound When Changing Gears

When you get the timing wrong with your clutch pedal and shifting gears, you may notice a grinding sound. If you hear that sound more frequently when changing gears, it’s a sign you may need to schedule a clutch repair. Over time, the metal mechanical parts of your transmission responsible for keeping your car in gear will wear out, causing them to become misaligned. Once you hear grinding, it’s time to get your car to a technician for a clutch repair.

Your Clutch Pedal Gets Stuck

Forget about spongy clutch pedals and grinding gears – is your clutch pedal stuck to the floor? That’s a sure sign that you need to get your car to an auto repair shop for a clutch repair as soon as possible. Not only is this a serious symptom, but it also makes your car undrivable. Call your nearest Colorado AAMCO location to set up a towing service to have a technician diagnose any necessary clutch repairs.

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