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Oliver Clarke returns to Hillspeed for first UK run of the new GB4 car

British Formula 3 podium finisher, Oliver Clarke, joined Hillspeed for the first UK test of their new GB4 car. 

The car was tested at Donington Park Grand Prix Circuit on Wednesday 16 March by Clarke who made his first appearance on track since the end of the 2020 BRDC F3 campaign.

Clarke became a multiple podium finisher with Hillspeed two years ago when he raced with the team in the BRDC British Formula 3 series. 

The team has spent the last month in Spain for winter testing with a comprehensive schedule featuring GB4 and GB3 single seaters. This week was the first time the car has been tested in Britain. 

“Having spent a month testing in Spain, Donington marked our first time on a UK circuit with the GB4 and we were delighted Oli returned to the team to have a run in the car and provide some quality feedback,” explained Team principal, Richard Ollerenshaw.

“He was the ideal candidate to put in the car and did all we asked, we’d love to work with him again if the opportunity is there.

“We’ve decided to contain the budgets for GB4 as much as we can, and so a team decision has been made to continue testing GB4 throughout March and the first half of April ahead of the second GB4 round at Oulton alongside GB3 and British GT. We believe this is a sensible approach which provides excellent value for money for young drivers new to cars or new to the UK circuits.”

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